Laszlo Regos

One of the most memorable times of my childhood was watching my father create magic in the makeshift photo lab in our small Budapest apartment. As an avid amateur photographer he would mix his own chemicals and develop his films and prints while I would dream of the day I too could become a photographer. Motivated by this experience I studied chemistry at the Technical University of Budapest and soon after I received my M.S. in photochemistry, I started to work for one of the largest European photo-manufacturing companies: Forte Photochemical Industries. I became the technical manager of their photo processing lab, but I always had my eye on the other ball; to be a professional photographer.  

 Seeking political and artistic freedom, I defected to the US in 1979 and after a few years working in a professional photo lab, I opened my own studio specializing in architectural photography. The biggest influences on my career have been two great, Hungarian architectural photographers: Lucien Herve (Laszlo Elkan), and Baltazar Korab. I couldn’t completely depart from my experience as a chemist, so for long time I ran my own photo lab. Despite the technology that forced me to abandon film and switch to digital photography, I still follow some of the same disciplines as I did in the good old days. Although in the last 30 years I have photographed every genre of the architectural industry, my specialty is retail photography. My work has been published in countless magazines and books, and I like to believe that my images contributed to the numerous awards and recognitions my clients have received. If you are interested to read more about me and my work, please check out the article published in After Capture Magazine a few years ago.